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Since most states keep an online database of people in the penal system, you can usually find mugshots with identifying information such as the date of the crime and the length of the sentence. They're also listed on this Wikipedia page. Once you get to your state's Department of Corrections page, you might have to do a little bit of searching for penal records. Each state has them listed differently; some might have a link to Offender Search or Inmate Search. Every state's penal search form has a couple of things in common.

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You'll need at least a last name just to get started, and if you have a first name, you'll have even better results. Unless you have a lot of specific information, try a general search first and narrow it down until you find what you're looking for. If you would like to review this decision, you can contact prison staff and they will provide you with the Prison Visit Decision Review form to complete.

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Different prisons have different booking processes. In some prisons the visitor will book the visit, in other prisons the prisoner will book the visit and then notify their visitor. When a visitor receives their approval letter there may be details with this letter explaining the booking process. If this process is not clear the visitor should contact the Prison Visits Staff. All people in prison are entitled to at least one visit each week for a minimum duration of 30 minutes.

Each prison determines how many visits a prisoner can have and also how many visitors at each visit. In some circumstances, special visits can be arranged — for example, family visiting from overseas or the bereavement of a loved one. If someone asks you to smuggle something into the prison for them it is important that you know that this is illegal, and you can be arrested and prosecuted for doing it.

No animals are permitted at the prison — including in the prison car park. On arrival at a prison reception or gatehouse, visitors must present their identification and visitor approval letter.

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Some prisons have a waiting area. After checking in, visitors pass through a metal detector, or staff use a handheld scanner, to check for concealed items. Any visitor belongings, including shoes, will be put through an x-ray machine. A dog handler and drug dog may also be used to detect any drugs. A rub down search means a search of a clothed person. A corrections officer may do any or all of the following:.

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If a visitor does not consent to the rub down search, their visit will be terminated and they may be prohibited from visiting the prison in future. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that a visitor is carrying illegal drugs then we have the right to detain them at the prison for up to four hours so that police can investigate. The prisoner is likely to be wearing orange overalls. The overalls prevent them from obtaining contraband items from a visitor and concealing it on themselves. Staff are present in the room and monitor the visit.

After prison, offenders have access to the support services and programs available to the general community. Community work Community work The majority of offenders are required to undertake unpaid community work as a condition of their order. Prisons Remand Remand Alleged offenders on remand are held in custody before and during their trial on criminal charges by order of a court. Going to Prison Going to Prison All prisoners undergo reception and assessment before being placed in a prison unit appropriate to the prison and the prisoner's needs.

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Visiting a prisoner Visiting a prisoner Family and friends can keep in touch with prisoners through personal visits to prison. Contacting a prisoner Contacting a prisoner How to contact a prisoner in the Victorian prison system.

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Health care Health care The quality and standard of health care provided to prisoners is the same as that provided in the community through the public health system. Programs Programs Corrections Victoria provides a wide range of program opportunities for prisoners to assist in their rehabilitation and successful return to the community after release from custody. Parole Detention and supervision orders Detention and supervision orders Detention Orders and Supervision Orders are correctional orders established in accordance with the Serious Offenders Act Guidelines for parole management Guidelines for parole management Guidelines detailing how to manage parole.

Release Transition programs Transition programs Many prisoners experience significant challenges in reintegrating after their release from prison.