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Carroll tried to secure an illustrator from the very start of writing the book.

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Unfortunately, the process of finding an illustrator and creating the illustrations for Through the Looking Glass was very slow and cumbersome. I afterwards sent two corrections by post. So ends my part of the work. The second print run consisted of 6, copies. It reached the 70th thousand in The last reprint was in The title of the book was much discussed by Carroll. The number keeps increasing. Lindseth and A.

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This content is blocked. You have to accept 3rd party cookies to view the content. Accept all cookies on this site. This website uses functional and analytical cookies. The best days are the days when we get to help someone get everything they want out of their pictures and take their photography to the next level.

We also have customers with amazing histories and stories to tell. We know a husband and wife that met in our darkroom. We have a customer who chased down a thief. We even have customers that bring us food when they come by. It really is a community, and in many ways, an extended family. We have staff members that have been with us for years. But none that were there since the beginning. That was back in , after all. Crazy to think that my store is older than me! In all honesty, the biggest challenge is keeping my sanity.

This is a constantly evolving industry, not to mention an ever-changing and threatened retail landscape.

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Adapting to change, implementing new ideas, and staying relevant is always on my mind. Staying on top of that while also managing a staff of over 20 people can be taxing at times. So I get out with my dogs, who are my photography muses, to keep myself balanced. This is a very hard question to answer.

I love so many things about Looking Glass. Many of our staff even call him Uncle Johnny, because he truly is a member of the Looking Glass family.

Through The Looking Glass Quotes

Conceptualizing and building our camera bar was a significant task, to say the least. We worked together to design the camera bar, which he built off-site and delivered. And this fixture is the center of the Looking Glass Universe. For me, this is priceless and makes it all worth it. Really hard. But if you manage to do some good with your business, something that makes you feel proud, it is all worth it. We donated cameras to them, and they chronicled life in the refugee camp known as Camp Hope with such rawness and an incredible eye for storytelling.

Photowalks for Good. Our photo walks have had our community exploring interesting locations as a group, capturing and sharing what we see from behind the lens. Specifically, Looking Glass identifies a non-profit to support. Whether or not a customer makes a donation is completely up to them.

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At Looking Glass, we embrace a love for photography, self-expression and empowerment. Since the 19th century, women have contributed significantly to the photography industry. Yet, representation in the photography industry and in the media that covers the industry can be quite low. So for 14 weeks, we're doing our part and showcasing local women photographer superstars. The biggest goal right now is to evolve our staff into a more autonomous team. Confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge are key components to this. This will improve customer experience, and increase my time to focus on bigger picture ideas that will allow Looking Glass to evolve as the times change and continue to flourish for many years to come.

Another goal is to build up our video offering and expertise.

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Classes, products, and staff knowledge are geared for growth as video has taken on new meaning. Video can be bite-sized clips and time-wasters or as significant as putting together a film.

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Whatever level of video someone is looking to explore, it is our goal to be a great place to do it. Dreams for the store include making Looking Glass even more of a local hangout and hub for the photographic community than it already is.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

We love seeing new faces become familiar faces. We love seeing people meet other people in the store, sharing their photographs and stories with one another. This websites use cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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How many locations have you occupied? Describe your local photography community. And, super creative.