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While there are significant differences in how each state categorizes each crime, and even in the types of crimes that are punishable in each state, felony offenses are always considered the more serious of the two.

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In the state of Alabama, felonies are also differentiated into three different categories, or classes, each of which has its own possible penalties. Class A felonies include crimes that are considered the most serious, while Class B and Class C crimes are less serious. Every felony offense in Alabama is punishable by at least one year and one day in a state prison.

Depending on the circumstances of the crime and its severity level, a felony conviction can result in a wide range of sentences.

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If you are convicted of a Class A felony offense in Alabama and you used, or attempted to use, a firearm during the commission of the crime, you face a sentence of no less than 20 years in prison. This enhancement also applies to any Class A felony sex offenses that involved a child. If you are convicted of a class B or a class C felony where the crime is a sex offense involving a child, or where you used or attempted to use a firearm during the commission of the crime, you face a prison sentence of no less than 10 years.

Alabama law imposes additional prison time if you are convicted of a felony and have been convicted of one ore felonies in the past. The court can also impose additional penalties if the criminal statute in the case allows for it. The Alabama criminal code contains numerous specific crimes, each of which are categorized by severity level. The following is a brief list of examples of crimes from each of the three felony classes; it does not include all possible felony crimes Alabama.

Alabama Criminal Law: An Overview

All states, including Alabama, have laws that limit when the prosecution can charge someone with a crime, known as statutes of limitations. These laws act as ticking clocks, requiring the state to act in a specific amount of time. In Alabama, the general felony statute of limitations is three years. However, the code includes significant exceptions to this three-year limit, and many felonies have no limitations associated with them at all. For more detailed information about these limits, read Alabama Criminal Statute of Limitations.

Anytime you have a question about Alabama criminal laws, you need to find a local criminal defense attorney to speak with. The Alabama felony sentencing laws can be rather complicated, and only an experienced attorney who knows how these laws are applied in specific circumstances can give you advice about your case and answer any questions you have. An experienced defense attorney who has represented clients in your jurisdiction is the only person qualified to give you advice about your criminal case.

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Lawyer Marketing Lawyer Directory. Toggle navigation CriminalDefenseLawyer. Search Term. Alabama Felony Crimes by Class and Sentences. Prison Sentence Ranges Every felony offense in Alabama is punishable by at least one year and one day in a state prison.

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But she pointed out that they did so when they were high on drugs and alcohol, consumed with the adult victim. Melissa : And she said that if ever a background of a kid might have contributed to this year-old commissioning of a crime, this is the case. And the first time, it was when he should've been in kindergarten.

Melissa : Think about that, in kindergarten, this boy is trying to commit suicide. But Kagan wrote that once again, a judge needs to examine all of the circumstances before concluding that life without the possibility of parole was appropriate. Melissa : Because again, at that time, this was an automatic sentence where the judge had no discretion, had no ability.

You know, to try and convince a jury, wait a minute, you know, OK, death is on the table, but here's more about why this might've happened, and in hoping to say that life was appropriate. Nothing like that happened here. Dacia : The justices debated the Miller case and it was far from unanimous on how kids should be punished. Here's Justice Stephen Breyer on March 20, I mean, you could have an instance of a year-old or an 8-year-old.

And if there is a minimum, what is it in your opinion? Neiman : Yes, Justice Breyer, I think there is a minimum now. Breyer : So what is it?

Neiman : It, I would be hesitant to commit to a minimum without Breyer : Well, do your best. Neiman Breyer : Do your best. Neiman : It would Breyer : Do you want to say 12? Neiman : It would depend Breyer : Do you want to say 10? Do you want to say 9? Breyer : Do you see the difficulty? All right. Justice Antonin Scalia : Gee whiz.

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You know, I was beginning to agree with you Scalia But you just pluck some number out of the air. Neiman : No, no He was very much against the idea of taking away, uh, this mandatory life, uh, prison term, saying that the states had already made this decision.

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At this time, there were like 39 states that gave the ability to have automatic life sentences. And, you know, the court was really divided on this. And Miller's lawyers wanted the court to draw a bright line at age They were basically asking the court, if you're below 15 years old, you should never be able to serve a life prison term. And if you're over the age of 15, they didn't say don't have it as an option, but it should never be mandatory. Melissa : You know, I was really curious about that, particularly since it's been a while.

It turns out it wasn't until that Evan Miller was finally granted a, you know, resentencing by a judge in Alabama. Kuntrell was an Arkansas resident and he was also 14 when he was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. Now, this crime is a little bit different than what happened with Evan Miller. Dacia : So the crime was in and it involved the shooting death of a video store clerk, a year-old woman named Laurie Troupe.

And this was during an attempted robbery. She was discovered by her, ah, her own mother and her year-old son after she was shot to death. But because Kuntrell was there, he was also convicted of murder and aggravated robbery and he got life without parole. There's three of these. Both his grandmother and mother had previously shot other individuals.

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Melissa : Yeah, this was crazy. And listening to these oral arguments of the attorney for Kuntrell told the Supreme Court that his grandmother had shot his uncle, his mother had shot a neighbor, and his own brother had shot someone and all three of them ended up in jail. This is not the first time that we've heard a situation like this. Melissa : Now, during oral arguments, when this case was before the U.

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Supreme Court in March , the attorney for Arkansas defended his life without parole sentence. And his exchange with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor really shows how the court was grappling with these life-and-death issues. Here's a sample of that discussion starting with Arkansas attorney Kent Holt, talking about Kuntrell.