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Felt hats are worn in colder weather and straw hats are worn in warmer weather. Dress uniforms are similar to the patrol uniform, with the addition of a blue tie, long-sleeved shirt and black cowboy boots. Dress for various ceremonial units adds white gloves, a white ascot, a black Sam Browne shoulder strap and a red shoulder cord.

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Troopers working in environments which might dirty the uniform such as performing commercial vehicle inspections or which require constant movement or exertion may wear an altered version of the patrol uniform. This variant replaces the slacks with tan cargo pants and features a baseball cap in lieu of the cowboy hat. Early uniforms included a blue-grey blouse and brown pants, typically worn with black motorcycle boots.

These uniforms also featured a bow tie and Sam Browne shoulder straps. This uniform style was used until early , when the current uniform was adopted. Until about , the uniform continued to feature a shoulder strap, only one shoulder patch, and a black necktie, which was worn at all times; in addition, the cowboy hat featured a much smaller brim than those currently worn, so that it somewhat resembled a bowler with a creased crown.

It was not until the mids that a standardized patch design was used for all members of the patrol. Prior to this change which is today being slowly integrated into other Texas DPS divisions , differently colored patches identified whether a trooper worked in the highway patrol, driver's license, or license and weight commercial vehicle units.

Red patches indicated highway patrol, blue indicated driver's license, and grey indicated license and weight. Troopers assigned to the state Capitol had their own unique blue patch depicting the capitol building in yellow. The Texas Highway Patrol uses a variety of vehicles for patrol and specialized services. Early patrol units were motorcycles, but these were phased out in the s. Since then, four-wheeled vehicles have been used for all patrol purposes; one trooper is assigned to each unit.

Current patrol vehicles are painted black with a white hood, roof, and trunk. Traditionally, the top of the doors were also white, but this practice is being abandoned with newer vehicles. Underneath, "Texas Highway Patrol" is written in white; "State Trooper" is written on the front quarter panel and on the trunk. The Tactical Marine Division is the newest addition to the Highway Patrol, with the acquisition of six patrol vessels intended to police the Rio Grande and international lakes between the U. Several more boats are on order. Aircraft [32]. Troopers already issued. Additional weaponry includes the Bushmaster M4 Type Carbine and the Remington gauge shotgun, [ citation needed ] which is currently [ when?

All firearms are state property and may not be modified by the troopers to whom they are issued. Patrol cars are equipped with Panasonic Toughbook computer terminals and digital citation printers. Mounted lights are either the Whelen Freedom lightbar , in older units, or the Whelen Liberty lightbar, in newer units; the patrol's newest Chevrolet Tahoe patrol vehicles are equipped with Whelen Legacy lightbars. Warning lights are also mounted on the rear deck. Primary light colors for all vehicles are red and blue.

Consequently, increased salaries for troopers were approved for by the Texas legislative session. Troopers are automatically upgraded to different trooper classes in four-year increments.

A Texas Ranger got a prolific serial killer to talk. This is how

Salary increases with each class, up to Trooper VI, at which point pay becomes and remains steady barring promotion. Troopers are eligible for promotion to sergeant after four years of service. Promotion is based on availability and completion of a civil service exam, as well as experience and disciplinary history.

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After two years as a sergeant, troopers are eligible for promotion to lieutenant. In September , troopers received yet another sizable raise - an academy trainee makes more now than a 3-year trooper did a year prior. The audit determined that Highway Patrol troopers were being paid far less annually than officers at many metropolitan police departments and sheriff's offices.

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The problem had been present for many years, but had gone unresolved because the Texas State Legislature sets state employee salary, not individual agencies. However, many legislators also feared that the decrease in size of the DPS, which was predicted to worsen, would result in a gradual lapse in quality of service.

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Additional legislative measures are intended to shield DPS from most future budget cuts. In previous years, troopers who received promotions were typically required to move to fill available posts throughout the state.


However, concurrent with the legislative decision to increase trooper pay, an internal decision was made by the Texas DPS to relax this method, allowing troopers to have more say in where they are stationed upon being promoted. The decision was based on a trend of troopers being required to live hours away from their families in order to prevent their spouses from having to leave steady employment. DPS also made an effort to fill state trooper vacancies. Recruitment efforts were increased across the country, particularly focusing on military members preparing to leave active duty.

Recruiters traveled as far as California , North Carolina , and Michigan in search of potential applicants.

Since the establishment of the Texas Highway Patrol, 85 troopers and patrolmen have died in the line of duty. All fallen Highway Patrol troopers are publicly honored at the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial in Austin, a memorial at the Texas Department of Public Safety headquarters, and by various memorial markers throughout the state.

Patrolmen Holloway Daniel "H. Believing the vehicle's occupants were in need of assistance, the troopers approached the car. They were unaware that the car's occupants were Bonnie Parker , Clyde Barrow , and Henry Methvin , outlaws wanted in several states for a string of robberies, kidnappings, and murders - including those of multiple police officers - that began in and had brought the gang nationwide attention. As the patrolmen approached the car, they were unexpectedly met with gunfire. Trooper Wheeler was struck first and was killed instantly, his service weapon still holstered.

Upon witnessing the death of his colleague, Trooper Murphy, a recent academy graduate on one of his first patrols, attempted to retrieve a shotgun from his motorcycle. However, he was shot before he could load the weapon. A passing motorist witnessed the shooting and flagged down another trooper, who arrived to find Wheeler dead and Murphy in critical condition.

Trooper Murphy died on his way to a hospital in Grapevine. Although the Barrow Gang had enjoyed a romantic image among many Americans before the Grapevine shootings, their popularity waned rapidly in the wake of the killings. Much of the public outcry was fueled by exaggerated media coverage of the incident, featuring erroneous claims by purported witnesses, but the shooting is nonetheless often considered the incident which turned opinions predominantly against the Barrow Gang.

Henry Methvin, a recent prison escapee, ultimately admitted to firing the first shots, mistakenly believing Barrow wanted the troopers killed; it is believed Barrow's actual intention was to kidnap the troopers. In a deal with the officers, Henry Methvin and his family had agreed to betray Parker and Barrow and arrange an ambush. Skip to main content. Search form Search.

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Mission Statement To better protect the public by providing a centralized, comprehensive, multi-agency criminal information and intelligence-sharing network to enhance the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the law enforcement and public safety agencies involved and by maximizing the region's ability to detect, prevent, apprehend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity. Visit arictexas. Investigators teach several classes open to children and the general public on fire safety in general and arson prevention in particular.

Currently, the Fire and Arson Investigation Division engages in a wide array of activities that are critical to the public's safety:. Skip to Main Content. Code Enforcement and Inspections. Office of Emergency Management.

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