Electronicy identifacation via cerial number

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Log in to a device through the web system and click Monitor on the toolbar to view device information, including the equipment serial number, as shown in Figure Log in to a device through the web system and click Device Summary on the toolbar to view board information, including the equipment serial number, as shown in Figure The equipment serial number label is attached to the upper left corner near to the interface side. There is a removable equipment serial number label in the middle of the left part on the rear side of the device.

Procedure Run the display esn command to view the serial number of a device.

Electronic identification

Method 1: Obtain the Equipment Serial Number by Using a Command Run the display elabel slot slot-id command to view electronic label information. BarCode specifies the equipment serial number. NOTE: You can run the display device manufacture-info command to check the serial number obtained from the electronic label. The serial number shown in the figure is only used as an example. The serial number label location on the rear side of a device varies according to the device model.

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UPC Codes are common as well but are actually not unique like serial numbers. UPC Codes are different than serial numbers because UPC Codes are not unique to each individual piece of hardware or software, as serial numbers are.

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You've probably seen serial numbers many times before. Nearly every piece of the computer has a serial number including your monitor , keyboard , mouse and sometimes even your entire computer system as a whole. Internal computer components like hard drives , optical drives , and motherboards also feature serial numbers.

ESN (Electronic Serial Number)

Serial numbers are used by hardware manufacturers to track individual items, usually for quality control. For example, if a piece of hardware is recalled for some reason, customers are usually made aware of which particular devices need service by being provided a range of serial numbers. Serial numbers are also used in non-tech environments like when keeping an inventory of tools borrowed in a lab or shop floor. It's easy to identify which devices need to be returned or which ones have been misplaced because each of them can be identified by their unique serial number.

Serial numbers for software programs are usually used to help ensure that the program's installation is only performed one time and only on the purchaser's computer. Once the serial number is used and registered with the manufacturer, any future attempt to use that same serial number can raise a red flag since no two serial numbers from the same software are alike. If you're planning on reinstalling a software program you've purchased, you'll sometimes need the serial number to do so.

QuickBooks Serial Number Tracking

See our guide on how to find a serial key if you need to reinstall some software. Sometimes, you might find that a software program can attempt to make a serial number for you that you can use to activate a program illegally since the code wasn't legally purchased.

These programs are called keygens key generators and should be avoided. A serial number for a piece of software is not usually the same as a product key but they are sometimes used interchangeably. Share Pin Email.