Criminal background check for student

Eastern Maine Community College is committed to ensuring that students have the ability to benefit from the education received at the College.

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Students whose background check reveals criminal history may be prevented access to the clinical site, and as a result, the student will not have sufficient clinical experience to successfully complete the program. Additionally, licensing boards for certain professions including the health care occupations may deny the individual the opportunity to sit for an examination if an applicant has a criminal history. All applicants to Medical Assistant Technology, Medical Radiography, Nursing and Surgical Technology who are offered admission will be required to submit to a national criminal background screening process at their expense within 30 days of acceptance.

Criminal Background Check for Entering Students | Office of Admissions | McGovern Medical School

To order a background screening, scroll to the bottom of this page. Applicants who have engaged in any activity or behavior which may be considered abuse, neglect or exploitation of a minor or of an incapacitated or dependent adult, or who has been convicted of any crime involving fraud or dishonesty, or drugs, or for which imprisonment of one year or more has been imposed are urged to seek clarification regarding program completion requirements from the Director of Admissions prior to application submission.

The colleges of the MCCS offer education and services to students under a process of modified open admissions. Typically, this process enables those students who meet the stated academic criteria for program or college admissions to attend and access the full offerings of the college. The purpose of this policy is to express the authority of the colleges to handle such circumstances.

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Such circumstances often include, but are not limited to, a:. College background checks are completed in part to keep students on campus safe.

Since many students will live in campus dorms, colleges will look in particular for any sexual offenses, violent convictions, or arrests due to drugs and alcohol. Colleges also do background checks to meet the requirements of affiliation agreements. At some point in the course of their college careers, many students will complete an off-campus internship, volunteer at a local organization, or participate in a work-study program.

The organizations offering students these opportunities require access to the same criminal information they'd get when running employment background checks on non-students.

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Depending on the type of crimes and convictions, a student with a criminal history might not be able to work with these university-affiliated organizations, and therefore might not be able to complete their degree. This is especially true when an applicant wants to work with a vulnerable population such as children or the elderly.

Thus, you want to be honest on your application to ensure you can fulfill all the college requirements for completing your degree. Yes, colleges run background checks on applicants. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll be rejected.

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  • Whether you will be accepted depends on the kind of check they do, the type of crime, and how recently it was committed.